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Over our many years of designing, building, and Supplying - we have a 'basic formula' that appears to, on the whole, survive the British climate. 

On the internet, you will find lots of ideas and recipes for pizza ovens and whilst ours is just another, we feel that by employing standard industrial products - rather than, random ingredients mixed together ie mud, straw lime etc - you can obtain a much much better result.

Let's break the oven down into the following layers, from the inside out:-

Cast Dome - minimum thickness 50mm, ideally 70mm of DC 1400

Insulation Layer - 50mm of Fibre, ideally comprising 2 x 25mm 

Securing Mesh -  A layer of chicken wire to secure the fiber to the dome 

Final Layer - Sand and cement render

After this layer you can decorate as you see fit.....

"Cant I just use clay?"

Something to bear in mind is that clay that does not reach a high enough temperature to become ceramic, will very easily return to its plastic (squishy) state, meaning that too much moisture in the air will mean a collapsed pizza oven.

"How many bags of Castable do I need?"

All amounts are approximate and will vary on the proportions of your dome - these figures are based on a perfectly spherical dome

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